GATS Gift Aid Tas Software
Gift Aid Tax Software
  • GATS is the tool for Churches, Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) to run their Gift Aid tax recovery arrangements.
  • Very easy to install and simple to use and runs under all versions of Windows.
  • Affordable by the charity sector, churches, CASCs, etc.
  • Developed with, and tested by, an active British charity,The Cleaford Christian Trust
  • Designed for Treasurers of a single charity or you can run a number of charities from a single copy of the system
  • Build your own records of Gift Aid Declarations - when the next donation arrives the system checks whether you already hold a Declaration that will enable you to reclaim the tax
  • Build a pending file of donors who have not yet made a declaration - automatically produce a completed declaration form to send them
  • Allocate donations to specific 'appeals' or 'funds' within your charity
  • Reports of donations and tax recovery in any period, subtotalled by 'appeal' or 'fund'
  • Standing Order donations are handled with ease by GATS so avoiding repetitive entry
  • Standing Orders Report shows totals of donations for each interval (monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Simplified backup option offered each time you exit from GATS
  • Email support available if you are new to the subject
  • Remote control of your PC by our technicians if you need help
  • Regular weekly donations automated in the same way as Standing Orders
  • Reports by Appeal and/or by Donor available for any period
  • Export data facility - for mail merge ‘thank you’ letters and Excel analysis
  • Quick posting facility for gifts through church envelope schemes
  • Click to see whether there is currently enough tax to recover to prepare a claim - instant view
  • GATS is easy to use - no computer experience needed, no computer jargon
  • Software supplied by email or installed by us remotely
  • GATS QuickStart option includes an introduction to using the software on your own PC while you watch, listen and ask us questions.
  • Very low purchase price
  • Separate report shows you how the reclaimed tax is allocated to each of your 'funds' or 'appeals'.
  • Report a selected donor's giving and tax recoveries for any period - useful if your supporters need the information for their Self Assessment Form.
  • Over 400 copies purchased by churches and charities
  • Function to ‘undo’ a claim if it is rejected by HMRC
  • Step by step User Guide for presenting an online claim.

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