GATS Gift Aid Tas Software

Following the changes to Gift Aid arrangements introduced by HMRC, we now offer the upgrade to GATS 4.03 (Gift Aid Tax Software).

This will produce the spreadsheet required for what is now the main method for HMRC Online submission, including:-
Aggregated donations
Small donations (GASDS)
Donations made for sponsored events
Community Buildings

The upgrade comes with an extensive User Guide, which takes you through every step of the new HMRC system, from registration at the Government Gateway to the successful submission of the various sections of a claim

We have seen a copy of this note for CofE churches, which explains why it is necessary for churches to use the ‘Community Buildings’ element, rather than GASDS, for loose cash in church collections. .

The upgrade is available by two methods:-
We will send the upgrade file by email, with full installation instructions
or the upgrade may be installed by our technician, using a permission only online connection (Monday to Friday 0900 - 1630). Please have your computer running when you call 0845 124 9402 (local rate number)

Please follow the appropriate link below to pay online using PayPal, call 0845 124 9402  with your card details, or post your cheque to Cleaford Services Ltd. 46, Hazell Road, Farnham, GU9 7BP with the order form which you can download here.

In either case it’s important that you tell us which church or charity you represent in order that we may keep our records up to date.

Please note that the file will not be emailed automatically but will follow soon after, when the office is next open.

Upgrade for DIY installation (delivered by email) - 95
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Remote installation by our technician - 105
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GATS 4.03 Online Claims User Guide

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